Mr. Frank Wilson Bodza
Deputy Director, Conflict Management & Resolution

Mr. Frank Wilson Bodza, holds a Masters Degree in Business Management from the Central University College, Accra, and BA Political Science Degree from the University of Ghana. Currently pursuing a MSc degree in Defence and International Politics focusing on security and peace operations. Mr. Bodza is a governance expert, and a development practitioner with over 18 years working experience in governance, gender, project management and human rights. He worked as Programme Manager in-charge of Democratic Governance at Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF), Ghana from 2005 to 2020 and has gained experience in local, national, and international politics and has managed multi-donor development projects. He has previously worked as an Administrative Officer at RESDEM Consulting Limited.

Mr. Bodza has provided leadership to grassroots women and men and local government officials; through capacity building and leading participatory and accountability processes on governance and gender mainstreaming. Mr. Bodza also has immense experience in managing people, capacity building, mobilization, networking and coalition building. He has represented on many coalitions including the Central and West African Commonwealth Civil Society Forum, the Coalition of Domestic Elections Observers (CODEO) and the Civic Forum Initiative (CFI) – a governance and a think-tank organization. He further served as a representative of the Women in Local Governance Fund and currently a Member of the Technical Committee for Affirmative Action Legislation in Ghana and Domestic Violence Board. Mr. Bodza was also the Secretary of the South Dayi Educational Trust that operated between 2002 and 2008.

Mr. Bodza has worked around local and national elections, as implementer of elections related projects and elections observer. He has skill for public speaking, communication, and passion for advocacy and human centred development. Mr. Bodza is a beneficiary of the Commonwealth Foundation Capacity Building on Governance for CSOs in West and Central African Countries in 2010. He is a trained lobbyist who has received training in advocacy and lobbying by CARE International, USA and the International Women Action Watch Asia Pacific through the “From Global to Local” Programme, Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. Bodza has a desire for development based on an ideology characterized by:
• Peaceful co-existence, political tolerance and respect for human rights
• A participatory and democratic citizen who engages its government and provides leadership to others
• Strengthening vulnerable groups to be assertive, responsive and who initiate own development agenda
• A belief in facilitation and teaching methodologies that are participatory and influence self-reliance, adult learning, and engaging.
• Gender, inclusiveness and responsiveness
• A vibrant civil society and networks that work collectively to bridge the gender gap and contribute effectively to the development of society
• Effective and efficient community based groups who drive local sustained growth and development